This website is about finding healthcare people, (doctors and others,) and healthcare organisations, who (1) have ordinary email addresses readily available, (i.e. on their front pages,) and who, when consulted, (2) provide things in writing.

As you can see, even when there are more and more healthcare organisations on the internet these days, we haven’t found many, so far, who meet these requirements. But we don’t believe we should settle for less. Those people and organisations who don’t have ordinary email addresses available, are not really  into addressing our concerns, as they arise and those who are not prepared to put things in writing are not really into being held responsible for what they do and say.

X Qoctor,,

X,, Sydney CBD,

X Teledoc,,

X Urgent Scripts,, Thebarton. South Australia.

X ZoomDoc,,, London, England.

Email us at

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